aboutimageThe Silver Sidekicks project is a response to the issues of digital exclusion faced by the older generations throughout Europe, by exploiting the specialist knowledge and experience of our partner organisations. We will develop an adult education Train the Trainer multimedia resource pack which will train the Third Age generation to become Silver Sidekicks. These Silver Sidekicks will in turn enable the participation and inclusion of older people who are being labelled as the Fourth Age generation. Learning will include a range of activities including how to make digital transactions such as renewing a driving licence or an everyday service such as paying a utility bill.


Our objectives are clear:
● To assess good practice and carry out a training needs analysis in digital literacy and engagement for older learners.
● To develop and implement a pedagogic strategy targeting the training and engagement of senior citizens in Digital Media and ICT and to provide appropriate curricula to address the issue of user motivation among the target group.
● To develop appropriate induction for tutors and trainers that focuses on the learning needs and learning capacities of senior citizens meeting the educational challenge of an ageing population in Europe.icons
● To train 50 Third Age people to act as tutors and trainers for senior citizens as part of a peer learning strategy to reinforce inter–generational learning and foster greater social cohesion.
● To develop and provide appropriate learning content for senior citizens that is cognisant of their interests and learning habits.
● To have this learning content recognised and accredited to facilitate the development of further learning pathways encouraging seniors citizens to use their newly acquired skills to remain active in the workforce.
● To train 1000 Fourth Age senior citizens in basic Digital Media and ICT skills throughout the European regions.
● To develop a virtual club for all of the senior citizens, the 3rd Agers and the 4th Agers, through a Web 3.0 enabled website for User Created Content that offers senior citizens the opportunity to share their experiences past and present and facilitates their contribution to digital archive content thereby enabling greater social cohesion, active citizenship, inter cultural dialogue and personal fulfilment.

Through a thorough development and testing process in year one of the project, a suite of curricula will be created that demonstrate the social value of Digital Media and ICT skills to the senior citizen target group by incorporating practical computer literacy, communication using email, access to essential services on line – internet banking, shopping online, online bill paying, information retrieval. This focus on the social value of Digital Media and ICT skills will significantly address the issue of user motivation and ensure that the availability of Digital Media and ICT can benefit all citizens and improve the quality of life of senior citizens.